cases when you need condominium subdivision:

  • for mortgage collateral (entering a mortgage is impossible without the condominium subdivision of property)
  • in facilitating sales and achieving greater value (properties achieve 10-15% higher prices on the market after condominium subdivision)
  • in establishing co-ownership relationships
  • in facilitating the implementation of charitable and inheritance rights (property division)
  • determining the share of individual co-owners in cost management

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the creation of a condominium subdivision plan involves surveying buildings, creating a tabular and graphical display of specific and common parts of the building and making suggestions for registration.

After creating a condominium subdivision plan and obtaining a certificate from a competent authority – services we perform for you – the next step is the preparation and signature of a co-ownership agreement prepared by an attorney. Then it is possible to enter specific parts of the building in the Land Registry, resulting in a legal certificate of ownership of specific parts of the building.

We are at your disposal for the quick and professional implementation of condominium subdivision or counselling!